Texas Tornadoes Leave A Path Of Destruction

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The latest tornadoes to hit Texas left the area with damage to hundreds of houses. While the damage was largely confined to Dallas-Fort Worth area and Houston residents were spared, the tornadoes are a timely reminder of the need to stay alert to news during the stormy season, and to take measures to insure your property with an appropriate Houston home insurance policy.

More than a dozen tornadoes struck the area. Many houses were completely destroyed while thousands of homes were left without power in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The tornadoes lifted cars and trucks like plastic toys, then left them scattered across the region. According to Red Cross officials, as many as 650 homes were left damaged. Texas Governor Rick Perry officially declared Kaufman, Tarrant, and Dallas counties to be disaster areas.  

Hundreds of flights into and out of the Dallas Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth International airports had to be cancelled or diverted. According to the power company Oncor, around 14,000 homes and businesses were left without power.

April is known to be the worst month for tornadoes, though it’s been suggested by Matt Bishop of the National Weather Service that this April is “above normal” (according to a CBC news item). These tornadoes provide a reminder to Houston residents of the importance of obtaining some financial protection through a suitable Houston home insurance policy. Contact us if you require more information on home insurance coverage and for competitive quotes. 


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