Making a Home Environment Senior-Friendly

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You may not realize, until you become a parent, how hazardous homes are for young children, and it may not be until your parents reach senior years that you realize how dangerous our homes are for people with limited mobility or other health problems. Houston home insurance may provide compensation if a guest is injured while visiting your home, but the best way of avoiding accidents is to make adaptations to homes where seniors live and visit.

 It’s important for seniors to be able to move about freely without having to worry about accidents. We’ve prepared a list of adaptations you might consider.

 • Widen doorways to accommodate wheelchairs.
Eliminate sudden changes of level, such as single steps that are inaccessible to wheelchair users and can also cause trips and falls.
Fit grab rails in bathrooms and bedrooms to support seniors who may have balance difficulties.
Have rails fitted on both sides of stairs and steps.
Make sure that halls and stairways are well lit, and fit night lights in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Raise the level of sinks so that seniors don’t have to bend over them.
Fit electrically operated storm shutters so that windows and doors can be protected effortlessly.

 Talk to your agent or insurer if you intend to invest in significant home improvements, as you may need to adjust Houston home insurance coverage. The cost of installing is a small price to pay to create a safer home environment for seniors.


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